Scoring Guide

6 points

Gives outstanding examples with powerful and relevant details providing a compelling and comprehensive explanation and closely reasoned analysis of the issues which demonstrates a mastery of understanding of the country and issues.

5 points

Gives strong supportive examples, with powerful and relevant details that provide a compelling and skillful analysis. This demonstrates a strong knowledge of his/her country and the issues.

4 points

Gives strong supportive examples with consistently relevant and accurate evidence/ details providing persuasive explanation and clearly based on a strong working knowledge of his/her country and the issues.

3 points

Appropriate supportive examples with generally relevant and accurate evidence/details providing adequate explanation and analysis based on a good working knowledge of his/her country and the issues.

2 points

Response is attempted but is limited by inadequate or inaccurate evidence/details and week analysis. Does not seem to have a clear understanding of his/her country or the issues.

1 point

Unsupported generalizations, irrelevant details, lacks the ability to analyze the issues and appears to have very little understanding of the country he/she represents.