Dues and Fees

School Dues: $80.00 per school
Country Dues: $40.00 per country
Delegate Fees: $75.000 per delegate attending
Advisor Fees: $75.00 per adviser attending and/or chaperone attending

Deadline for fees to be considered “on-time” is March 15, 2019.

Any Delegate/Advisor fees paid after the March 15, 2019 deadline or at the conference will incur a $20 increase. For example,  Delegate/Advisor fees are $75 but increase to $95 if paid after the March 15, 2019 deadline. 

Full refunds or refunds for overpayments are available prior to the March 15, 2019 deadline. After March 15, 2019 we will not issue refunds. Any overpayments will be used in the OMUN scholarship. We will no longer allow credit to carry over to the following year.

To request an invoice be sent you, please click on the Invoice Request Link here.

Make checks payable to OHSIRL and send to:

Oregon Model United Nations

C/O Jarvez Hall

PO Box 17420,

Portland, OR 97217

To your fees online. Your invoice will be sent via PayPal. If you pay via card through paypal, there is a 3% PayPal fee that you will need to add to your total invoice (add this as a 3% tip, instructions will be on the invoice). There is no fee if you mail in a check.

If you have any questions about invoicing and payments, please contact executivedirector@oregonmun.org or call 503-912-8898.

If you have any questions about school-specific delegate committee registration, please contact assistantdirector@oregonmun.org or call 503-779-9476.