The Oregon High School - International Relations League provides high school students with a forum to address global concerns in a real world context. Our conference fosters global citizenship and addresses current world issues related to regional conflicts, peacekeeping, human rights, economics, and the environment. The program strives to provide students with a thorough understanding of the inner workings of the United Nations. 

For 68 years, Oregon Model United Nations has employed the principles of experiential learning to teach delegates not only how to debate and approach issues of international politics, but also to develop essential skills such as public speaking, cooperation, compromise, negotiation and diplomacy. We envision a world of civically engaged individuals who strive for peaceful conflict resolution and equitable human development. 

On behalf of the Secretariat, the Executive Board and the countless others serving this organization, I welcome all of you to the 2015-2016 Oregon Model United Nations. 

Sai Bandi
Secretary-General 2015-16