Rules & Expectations


Each delegate to the Oregon Model United Nations Conference is expected to represent their school and themselves in an appropriate manner that brings credit to the school and to themselves.  Each delegate must adhere to adhere to the following Code of Conduct:


Obey the Law& School’s Code of Conduct:

All Delegates must abide by all city, state, and federal laws, including but not limited to, those pertaining to alcohol, narcotics, cigarettes, and weapon possession.  Furthermore, delegates are expected to obey all rules established by their respective schools for field trips as well as any additional rules established by their advisors.  If a Delegate chooses to violate this basic rule, they may be excluded from the conference. Also, as delegates attend this conference as representatives of their respective schools, they are subject to that school’s student code of conduct. Any misconduct by a delegate attending the conference can result in disciplinary action by the delegate’s school up to and including suspension and expulsion.


Transportation and Lodging:

Delegates come to the Oregon Model United Nations Conference as representatives of their school and thus should stay and travel with their school or with the consent of their Advisor.  Any travel arrangements to, from and during the conference must be made with the consent of school administration in conjunction with theirlead advisor at the conference.  OHSIRL is not responsible for travel or lodging of any kind.



All Delegates must be in their hotel complex by the assigned curfew of midnight.  Additional curfew restrictions are the responsibility of the school advisors.



In order for the Model UN to work effectively, each country must be represented well.  Delegates are expected to be in attendance for all general sessions as well as committee meetings.  They are expected to be on time so as not to delay debate or discussion and to be active participants throughout the conference.



To the best of their abilities delegates are expected to accurately represent the country they have been assigned.


Dress Code:

The dress code for the Model UN Conference is Western Business Attire.  Hats, ripped clothing, and casual urban attire or athletic wear are not acceptable.  Delegates may be walking a lot and must have shoes that allow this.  Also delegates may not wear costumes from the country they are representing.  



While at the Model UN Conference, delegates will be seen as representatives of their school, the OHSIRL Model United Nations Program and should behave accordingly by showing respect to other delegates, advisors, Oregon MUN Staff, Venue Staff and to those individuals which they will come into contact with.


Electronic Devices:

All electronic devices must remain turned off during general sessions, including cell phones, I-Pods, or MP3 players etc.  Laptops may be used during the committee sessions.  OHSIRL is not responsible for lost or stolen electronics.


Committee Conduct:

One of the best parts of the MUN Conference is what takes place during debate within committees.  Delegates are expected to follow the rules, work within the process, and strive for excellence in the exchange of ideas.  Delegates should demonstrate respect for the Committee Chairs.


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