Talent Show

Every year Oregon Model United Nations has a talent show on Thursday night.  You may sing, dance, play an instrument, perform comedy, Yo-Yo tricks…You name it.  You can perform individually or in groups.  The only restrictions are that you must attend the talent show tryouts earlier in the evening, and you must keep your performance family-friendly. Each act should be 3 to 5 minutes long. No acts longer then 5 minutes will be allowed.  There are a limited amount of timeslots for acts, but we try to accommodate as many as possible.  The acts will be judged by members of the Secretariat. The winner will be announced at the closing session on Saturday and will receive a trophy.

A piano and microphones are available.  We also have the ability to play music for you if you bring it on a mp3 player, iPod, or smartphone.

The try outs will be held at 5:15pm Thursday April 12th, on the Ballroom stage  of in the EMU.  The talent show will be held at 9pm at the same location.  The order of acts will be posted in OPI by the end of Thursday dinner.

Speaker Awards

Each committee will vote on 2 separate speaker awards at the last committee session on Friday night.  The awards are: Best Country Representative, and Best Consensus Builder.

The winners of each award will receive a medal at the closing session.  In addition each winner’s school name will be put into a drawing.  2 winners will be drawn, and those schools will receive a first-round country choice.

Crisis Sim Award

Starting Saturday morning, each committee will work on a resolution to help resolve a crisis with global implications.  Crisis information will be distributed that morning.  The Committee Chairs will discuss amongst themselves and select 2 delegates from their committee that they believe worked the best towards a resolution for the crisis.  Those names go into a drawing and 2 names will be drawn.  The winners will be announced at the closing session.  The winner’s schools will receive a first-round country choice.

Chris Allen Award

The Chris Allen Award is a special award for adults.  The adults are nominated by students involved in the program.

There are 3 criteria for the award.

  1. The nominee must be an adult, but not necessarily a student advisor.
  2. The award is based on service to an individual club or the model as a whole.
  3. Selection of recipient is made by the student secretariat

The winner will be announced at the Closing Session.

Nametag Competition

Every year we hold a nametag competition for delegates.  The requirements are simple.  Each nametag must contain the following: school name, committee, country, and delegate name.  Please bring an extra nametag to OPI by dinner on Friday night. The winning school gets a first-round country choice.

Big Five Bids

The Big Five Bid Process will begin at 8:30pm Friday night. If your school wants to represent a Big Five country next year (China, France, Russia, the United States, or the United Kingdom).  You will need to send a group of representatives to make a bid to do so.  A group of advisors will be judging each bid and will make the selections.  The winners will be announced at the Closing Session on Saturday morning. 

To represent a Big Five country your school needs to guarantee that you will have enough delegates to place at least one delegate in each committee, and possibly 2.  It is possible for 2 schools to put forth a bid and work together to represent a Big Five country.

Cultural Video Competition

Oregon MUN not only wants to harbor and expand students' awareness of world issues, but to also emphasize the dignity of people in countries all over the world.

For this purpose, Oregon MUN has created a cultural awareness video competition this year. Students at each high school will put together a 3-5 minute video about the country their school is representing and the people in it.

Students should be creative and use food, music, and art to summarize their research and greater appreciate those they represent. 

Some examples include: 

  • Presenting their findings and information on a PowerPoint/iMovie slideshow
  • Creating a song or dance routine that describes their countries
  • Filming a fictional story or plot that involves learning about the countries

Additionally, the more students and delegates your school uses on its video, the better!

Here is an example video from YouTube: While this clip is made for younger students, it captures the upbeat, respectful, and fun attitude while explaining parts of the UK's culture. Feel free to not so much focus on geography but more on history, traditions, and people. 

Any derogatory, discriminatory, or inappropriate videos will be disqualified. Students may not dress up in articles of clothing or traditional garb from their country. Accents or mocking impressions shall not be used as well.

The Oregon MUN leadership will determine eligible submissions. At the conference, all Oregon MUN students will be able to watch the video submissionson Friday night. Delegates can vote for their favorite submission, which will be announced at the end of the conference. The winning country/ school will receive an award.

As students make simulated resolutions that could affect millions of lives, we at Oregon MUN want to emphasize our purpose: to foster connections and peace with dignity and awareness.

Thank you for your participation.