Secretariat Candidates for Oregon MUN 2020

Some candidates may refer to a specific office in their information. This information will not be on the ballot as the office will be determined by the number of votes each candidate receives.

Akash Bindal

Grade: 11

School: Jesuit High School

Akash Bindal- MUN Canidate.jpg

I have found my time involved in the organization to be extremely fulfilling. This has been especially true whenever I got a resolution passed that so many fellow delegates and I spent hours drafting or during my time as secretariat member helping put together opportunities for you to enjoy and learn from. These memorable and insightful moments that over a thousand high schoolers gain, whilst developing powerful communication and leadership skills, are what I want to preserve and better as an Officer. My experience in committees like Security Council, full of only an extraordinarily motivated group of delegates, has taught me what engages students and makes debate worthwhile, something that I have been able to employ during my time writing some of the very agenda topics that you will use to learn and have discussions. Along with that, my time as undersecretary has also shown me the inner-workings of how the organization and conference function. All this knowledge and experience makes me well qualified to be an Officernext year and to be able to effectively make changes to things as simple, yet important, as fixing the tiresome lunch-lines at the conference. I will know what to expect, how to handle difficulties, and how to make the conference the most educative and entertaining trip of your high school careers, so vote Akash Bindal. 

Ahnwyn Bowden

Grade: 10

School: South Eugene High School

Neeta is a senior at Lake Oswego High School in Lake Oswego, Oregon.

I am the Captain of the Varsity Dance Team and I play the violin in my school’s orchestra.  I enjoy school, especially history and literature.  I’m also an IHS student, hence my love for Model United Nations.  I truly believe that MUN gives us the chance to create unity that is so lacking in our country and in the world today.  MUN gives us the opportunity to stand in other peoples shoes and even more importantly, to find common ground.  If elected to the MUN Secretariat, I would strive to unity and compromise both within and outside the conference

Dominic Debettencourt

Grade: 11

School: Jesuit High School

Zach is a senior at Lakeridge High School in Lake Oswego, Oregon.

If I am elected to be a leader of Oregon Model UN for next year I will strive to make the conference more engaging and fun to participate in.  I have a lot of ideas for how that could be done, such as, but not limited to: a “Midnight Crisis” simulation, a live twitter feed of resolutions that come through the General Assembly, or even just having more fun activities on Friday night.  I believe that if I were given this opportunity, I could help make the conference even more fun than it already is.

Additionally, I would encourage more group or dual bids for Big 5 countries. These countries influence the conference the most, and it wouldn’t be fair for only big schools with lots of delegates to be able to get them. It’s only fair that small schools should have the same opportunity in this respect.

If I am elected to be leader of Oregon MUN, I will do my best to make these changes and many more.  I have a lot of ideas to improve the conference, not all of which I had room to list here.  I promise that if I am elected this year, the 2020 conference will be the best one yet

Parthav Easwar

Grade: 11

School: Jesuit High School

Aman is a junior at Westview High School in Portland, Oregon.

I’m running to become one of your MUN Officers.  I’m doing this because I believe that MUN should Benefit the delegates the most.  My ideas for change are meant to make MUN a more rewarding experience for everyone.  Firstly, as someone who always tries to bring about equality, I’d like to reform the Big 5 bid format so that it is easier for smaller clubs to get Big 5 countries by reserving 2 of the spots to collaborative bids between small schools.  I also want to allow all delegates to propose agenda topics, so that MUN can address the topics that are most relevant.  After all, the issues that we believe are most pervasive are the ones that we are most motivated to solve.  Finally, I want to start a side contest for the funniest resolution.  In my experience, you are some of the funniest people I know, and I believe that you should be offered an opportunity to showcase that to your peers.  So what makes me qualified to be your voice? I am accountable, honest and persistent.  I will fight to make sure everyone can participate in decision making for the conferences.  I also have leadership experience as the captain of Jesuit’s history bowl team.  From that position, I’ve learned that the group is greater than the individual.  Similarly, if you elect me one of your Officers, I will work to represent you.

Rahul Karpy

Grade: 11

School: Sunset High School

Anthony is a senior at Westview High School in Portland, Oregon.

After serving as a delegate for Kuwait in the Environmental committee and leading a group of delegates as a committee chair, I’m ecstatic to share my passion with you all by serving as an Officer of Oregon MUN. Thinking big picture, I would like to see all students 100% prepared when they arrive at the conference. This is a problem that Oregon MUN has been facing, but never got around to solving. Students come up to me complaining about how the website isn’t clear enough and how they need more help, UGANDA BE KIDDING ME. However, have no fear, I have a solution. For all the auditory students out there, those who learn better through video/audio instead of text, we can implement interactive videos that will serve as an aid to both the students, as well as teachers. As Oregon MUN VP, I would be a part of the digital movement in further allowing students to understand the material better. With this, not only will the convention’s organization be improved but the overall experience will be much better. I am a hardworking student who is ready to let your voices be heard. I’m ready to make a powerful impact with MUN in every students’ life. I am an advocate for trying new things and who’s really here to make MUN, FUN! In the end, Don’t be a fool, vote for Rahul!

Vivek Kumar

Grade: 11

School Sunset High School


I am proud to take part in activities such as mridangam, robotics, medical trips, NHS, and MUN.  As a part of my MUN experience, I have been a Somalian delegate in the environmental committee and an currently on the way to serving as a committee chair at the upcoming state conference.  I am excited to be running as an Officer candidate for the 2020 MUN conference.  I believe that I have the proper set of qualifications due to my diverse MUN experience, extensive leadership experience, and innovative goals for the next generation of MUN.  My MUN experiences on both sides of a committee will allow me to have a deeper understanding of the intricacies of the MUN processes.  These experiences will provide me with further insights and give me the ability to take MUN to the next level.  Through my experiences as program manager on a robotics team and a youth group leader, I have furthered my knowledge on managing an effective and efficient organization.  In support of this, my leadership opportunities have taught me how to maintain an organized and High-Quality system.  To help take Oregon MUN to new heights, I will work to ensure that rookie delegates arrive fully prepared for the state conference through extensive learning opportunities.  To compliment this, I have plans to improve MUN by transforming the user experience to enable ease of access to a wide variety of information.

Madison McDonald

Grade: 11

School: Tualatin High School

Madison McDonald- MUN Canidate.JPG

I serve as my schools recruitment officer for our MUN. Last year, I represented Uganda on the Environmental Committee and this year I will be representing South Korea on the Environmental committee as well. While I have only been a part of MUN for a short amount of time, I have never been so passionate about something as I have for MUN.

Whether it was the lively experience of fighting with other delegates over the well-being of cows in the environment or the sudden motivation to work on my resolutions till three in the morning, MUN has undoubtedly worked its magic to change the way I perceive the world around me. I have always struggled with finding an outlet for my passion of debate and politics and MUN brought that opportunity to me in the best way possible with the most open-minded and understanding leaders. As an Officer, I want to create more resources that will be available to schools to help guise the process on MUN and the structure of our clubs. For first year members, coming into MUN can be scary, but with the right guidance and resources straight from Oregon MUN, we might be able to make researching and writing papers a little less daunting.

Thank you, and please remember to vote Madison McDonald for an Oregon MUN Officer!

Annah Pogodzinski

Grade: 11

School: Sherwood High School

AnnahPogodzinski- MUN Canidate.jpeg

I am a passionate Model UN-er.  The time I have been able to serve as a member of Model United Nations has been one of the highlights of my high school career.  Model UN was a great opportunity brought to me by my history teacher and upon entry to my first meeting I fell in love immediately. I am a passionate leader who strives to help cultivate confidence and teamwork among my peers to work together to build a better future.  I am analytical, organized and an avid member of Speech and Debate.

As an Officer, my goals would be to look for opportunities to better the program as a whole, to also serve the Oregon High School International Relations League and maintain the high reputation of the program.  My background in Speech and Debate has kept me open-minded while MUN has me adhere to facts, which in turn has helped my understanding of different cultures and promoted my love for international relations and affairs.  I take pride in my work and want to promote awareness of global issues among the youth, you are the future.  Model UN has helped me in a way that nothing else ever has.  So please, let me help you in the same way, vote Annah Pogodzinski for Officer.  Thank you.

Ritika Saripalli

Grade: 11

School: Sunset High School

Ritika Saripalli- MUN Canidate.jpeg

My MUN journey start in the Health and Human Services committee representing the nation of Liberia.  It was my first time ever speaking about actual issues plaguing the world in a mature, intelligent setting, and that’s where my love for all things MUN began.  This year I will be serving as a committee chair and I’m so excited to tell people what to do! Just kidding.  I’m running to be an Officer to make your MUN experience better than it already is.  I want to implement two things.  The first being a REMIND system at the conference itself.  This is a platform that would allow the Secretariat to communicate with all members at the conference via a mass text platform.  Instead of scrolling through your phone to get to the schedule, it would be so much easier to arrive on time if you got text alerts telling you what’s coming up.  I also would love to see the Secretariat becoming more hands on with the delegates in and out of the conference.  If elected, I would urge every member of the Secretariat to visit the schools in their community and assess how each is doing, offering help where needed.  I am so excited for this year’s conference, and even more excited to be running for one of your Officers. 

Jeffery Sun

Grade: 11

School: Lake Oswego High School

This is my 3rd year doing MUN and my past experiences in the Global Security and Health and Services committees have made me want to sun for this years secretariat.  I want to help people have the most enjoyable MUN experience possible.  I have been a member of Model United Nations since my freshman year and I know the MUN Experience very well.  I know that it may be long and stressful at times, but there is always fun in the end.  I want to make the lows not as lows, and the highs much higher.  MUN is such a unique and amazing experience, and I want to make that even better for all of you.  SO please consider voting for me, and remember: Everyone will have fun if you vote for Jeffery Sun.

Roshun Sunder


School: Westview High School

Roshun Sunder- muncandidatepicture.jpg

The first question I ever asked about MUN was unfailingly nonsensical: “How do I win MUN?”  While it indicated a misunderstanding of the structure, it was, most importantly, a question that no one else asks.  As an Officer, challenging the status quo will be the underpinning of all my efforts, and I will never fail to ask myself and those around me, “How can we create a solution to this problem in a way no one has before?”  I’ve cherished the experiences that the MUN community has given me, so I wish to give back to that very community that made it possible.  As an Officer, my platform will be centered around ensuring a streamlined conference by making meetings and information delivery less-bureaucratic and more transparent.  Be it Committee chair meetings, introducing new delegates to the format of the conference, or otherwise, my aim is to make the conference as clean as possible so that everyone may become fully engaged with the actual substance of the issues and procedures themselves.  While my passion for this community is what will drive me personally, I need your votes to pursue these goals.   While I may not be able to “win” MUN conventionally, for me, “winning” MUN is creating the best possible experience for everyone, and I plan to everything in my power as as an Officer to make that happen.