All Delegates will need to have placards at the conference.  One per delegate is required, and we would suggest printing a couple of extras in case they get lost.  Delegates will not be allowed to be seated in their committees without a placard. 

There are 2 ways to get placards this year.  

One is to print your own from the document provided.  All printed Placards must be 11x17 using black ink on white paper. (Download Placards Here)

The other way to have a placard this year is to email Traci Earhart ( ) and let her know ahead of time that you wish to use the placards that we have in storage.  We will let you use them free of charge.  They will be ready for you on the first day of the conference during registration/check in.   If you lose them, they are gone.  We will be disposing of all of our stored placards immediately after the conference, so you would not need to worry about turning them in at the end.