Oregon MUN Elections


Congratulations on making the decision to run for an OHSIRL Student Officer position!

There are several steps you must take in order to become eligible to run for your desired office.


1. complete an application

A completed application must be submitted to the Office of Public Information by 5 P.M. on Thursday of the State Conference. The location will be posted on the schedule.


2. Attend an informational meeting

The location of this will also be posted on the schedule. All the current state officers will be present and can answer any questions you may have about running and your duties if elected. Please try to be prompt. It is required that you attend this meeting to be eligible to run.


3. prepare a 2-minute speech

Your speech should outline why you're qualified to be a State Officer, your experience with MUN or other activities, personal characteristics, how much time you'll devote, etc. 

In addition to conforming to the time limit, you must make sure that your speech is devoid of any and all racial slurs or derogatory remarks. In addition, please do not include any general inappropriate comments in your speech. By 12:00 P.M. the day after the informational meeting, you must have submitted a copy of your speech to the Office of Public Information. Your speech will be read by the executive director and a member of the Secretariat. You will then be told whether your speech conforms to the standards and expectations of the campaign speeches. Submitting a copy of your speech is mandatory in order to be eligible to run. State Officers backstage will have a copy of your speech and will ensure that you do not deviate too far from the general outline submitted. Please make sure that your speech is legible and that you have put some "real" thought into it.



4. Deliver the speech

You will present your speech to all students and advisors from every school participating in the Oregon MUN Conference. Your speech does not have to be 2 minutes long, but two state officers will be seated in the audience to help you make sure not to go over the 2 minute limit. A fist means that you have 30 seconds left. When the state officer raises their hand, you have only 5 seconds left and you need to wrap it up. Any questions you have about the timing and the procedure described above can be answered at the informational meeting.

Furthermore, make sure to begin and end your speech with your name and the position you are running for. You do not need to memorize your speech; you can take a copy upstage with you. While you do not need to read the speech word-for-word, make sure your keep the same general content and convey your message.


If you have any questions after the informational meeting, feel free to ask any of the state officers or any member at the Office of Public Information. Good luck with your campaign!