Maps and Locations

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Room Assignments

Registration- Crater Lake Room North (EMU)

OPI- Rogue Room  (EMU)

Pages Station- Metolius Room  (EMU)

Adivsors rooms- Owyhee Room  (EMU)

General Sessions- Northwest Christian University

Committee Rooms:

Global Security 1A- Ballroom North  (EMU)

Global Security 1B- Ballroom South  (EMU)

Global Security 1C- Miller Room  (EMU)

Global Security 1D- Oak Lounge  (EMU)

Global Economics 2A- Oldtown Court 1 (Recreation Center)

Global Economics 2B- Gerlinger Annex 54 (Gerlinger Building)

Global Economics 2C- Coquille Room  (EMU)

Human Rights 3A- Gerlinger Annex 50 (Gerlinger Building)

Human Rights 3B- Gerlinger Annex 54 (Gerlinger Building)

Human Rights 3C- Gumwood Room  (EMU)

Human Rights 3D- Lease Crutcher Lewis Room  (EMU)

Environmental 4A- Gerlinger Lounge (Gerlinger Building)

Environmental 4B- Studio 219 (Gerlinger Building)

Environmental 4C- Cedar & Spruce Room  (EMU)

Health and Human Services 5A- Gerlinger Annex 50 (Gerlinger Building)

Health and Human Services 5B- Gerlinger Annex 54 (Gerlinger Building)

Health and Human Services 5C- Taylor Lounge (EMU)

Health and Human Services 5D- Diamond Lake Room  (EMU)

General Assembly 1- Crater Lake Room North  (EMU)

General Assembly 2- Crater Lake Room South  (EMU)

International Court of Justice- Maple Room  (EMU)

Security Council- Swindells Room  (EMU)

Commission on the Status of Women- Oldtown Court 2 (Recreation Center)