3-1 Subject: Abolishment of Government Propaganda Violating Human Rights

3-2 Subject: LGBT community in Kazakhstan

3-3 Subject: Persecution of journalist in Kazakhstan

3-4 Subject: Children in armed forces in Kazakhstan

3-5 Subject: Inmate treatment in Kazakhstan

3-6 Subject: Children in Armed Forces

3-7 Subject: Treatment of Inmates

3-8 Subject: Persecution of Journalists

3-9 Subject: Hate Crimes against the LGBTQ+ Community

3-10 Subject: Hate Crimes Against the LGBTQ+ Community

3-11 Subject: LGBT Rights

3-12 Subject: Inmate treatment

3-13 Subject: Hate Crimes Against LGBTQ+ Individuals

3-14 Subject: Attack on Journalists Worldwide

3-15 Subject: Attack on Journalists Worldwide

3-16 Subject: Treatment of Inmates

3-17 Subject: Persecution of Journalists

3-18 Subject: Solving the mistreatment of prison inmates by reducing crime or improving prison conditions

3-19 Subject: Children in the armed forces

3-20 Subject: Children in the Armed Forces

3-21 Subject: Hate Crimes Against the LGBTQ+ Community

3-22 Subject: Resolving the persistent issue of prisoner neglect/mistreatment by enforcing mandatory regulations for prison systems in terms of prisoner treatment, supplies, and population.

3-23 Subject: Solving the recruitment of child soldiers around the globe by prioritizing safe, effective, and undercover policing, to remove children from potential harmful situations and provide a safe home for the recovery and education of affected children

3-24 Subject: Persecution of Journalists

3-25 Subject: Solving the problem of hate crimes against the Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender, Queer, etc. (LGBTQ+) individuals

3-26 Subject: Solving the problem of recruitment and abuse of Children into Armed Forces

3-27 Subject: Solving the problem about Children in Armed forces by rehabilitation of kids into society and education, making safer work for them, taking lots of educators to these countries to educate the kids, The United Nations comes in to the a specific country and takes minors (kids under 18) out of said country to give them the education they couldn't get

3-28 Subject: United Nations should proceed in securing the rights of those who have been imprisoned. In addition, providing room to discuss whether the U.N should provide support in either developing more prisons or finding a solution to decrease the number of people committing crimes across the world.

3-29 Subject: Treatment of Inmates

3-30 Subject: Children in Armed forces

3-31 Subject: Children in armed forces

3-32 Subject: Solving the violent hate crimes against the LGBTQ community by promoting the legalization of same sex marriage and the rights and privilages of the LGBTQ community to express opinion without cause to fear violent repercussions of state or people, and to promote government to prosecute cases against LGBTQ assults and sexual abuse.

3-33 Subject: Persecution of journalists.

3-34 Subject: Hate crimes against the LGBTQ

3-35 Subject: Mistreatment of Inmates

3-36 Subject: Persecution of Journalists