5-1 Subject: Mitigating the spread of Tuberculosis

5-2 Subject: Refugee Crisis

5-3 Subject: Refugee Crisis and Shelter

5-4 Subject: Access to Education

5-5 Subject: Forming better ways to reintegrate refugees into society

5-6 Subject: Contamination of Water

5-7 Subject: Refugee Crisis and Shelter

5-8 Subject: Mitigating the Spread of Tuberculosis

5-9 Subject: Access to Education

5-10 Subject: Contamination of Water

5-11 Subject: Refugee Crisis and Shelter

5-12 Subject: Mitigating the Spread of Tuberculosis

5-13 Subject: Access to Education

5-14 Subject: Mitigating the spread of tuberculosis

5-15 Subject: Access to Education

5-16 Subject: Contamination of Water

5-17 Subject: Improving water quality and sanitation in Kazakhstan

5-18 Subject: Helping Mitigate The Refugee Crisis

5-19 Subject: Increasing Access to Education

5-20 Subject: Mitigating the Spread of Tuberculosis

5-21 Subject: Access to Education

5-22 Subject: Contamination of Water

5-23 Subject: Refugee Crisis

5-24 Subject: Tuberculosis Mitigation

5-25 Subject: Helping Mitigate the Refugee Crisis

5-26 Subject: Access to Education

5-27 Subject: Access to Education globally is improving but many areas are still behind in development, and not giving access to a correct and or a useful education, creating more and more generations of uneducated and unequipped workers.

5-28 Subject: Solving the global Refugee Crisis that is affected millions worldwide, by providing shelter and safe passage to safer states, solving the problem at the source by eliminating disputes within countries in turmoil.

5-29 Subject: Refugee and Shelter Crisis

5-30 Subject: Solving or decreasing the amount of hate crimes, discrimination, and prejudice in countries affected by these qualities in order to move towards a unanimous peaceful environment.

5-31 Subject: Refugees

5-32 Subject: Access to Education

5-33 Subject: Contamination of Water-

5-34 Subject: Access to Education

5-35 Subject: Refugee Crisis

5-36 Subject: Solving the refugee crisis by prioritizing the safety and health of refugees, while also finding a home for as many as possible.

5-37 Subject: Giving clean water to every country, and especially

5-38 Subject: Contamination of Water