Meet your Secretariat

Your Secretariat won the Award for Best Merit at the International Model United Nations!


rohan bharadwaj, Secretary-General


Rohan is a senior at Sunset High School and he plans on organizing a spectacular conference during his fourth and final year of Oregon Model UN. He has served as a delegate on the Economics, Human Rights and Security committees in the past. Outside Model UN, Rohan actively competes at speech and debate tournaments and engages in high-adventure activities as a Boy Scout. His favorite hobbies include kayaking, playing the piano, tutoring and reading.

Laura bishop, Vice-President

Neeta is a senior at Lake Oswego High School in Lake Oswego, Oregon.

Laura Bishop is a senior at West Linn High School. This is her fifth year as a participant in Oregon Model United Nations. She participated for three years on the Global Security committee as Greece, Israel, and China and one year as South Korea on Human Rights. Her favorite parts of the convention are participating in discourse, learning about the country that she represents, and meeting other civically involved students. Outside of MUN, Laura is actively involved in Junior State of America (JSA) and riding horses competitively on the West Coast jumper circuit.

Vaishnav gubba, Vice-President

Zach is a senior at Lakeridge High School in Lake Oswego, Oregon. 

Vaishnav is a senior at Westview High School. He has been a part of Model UN since his freshman year and has enjoyed his time being a delegate and serving as a committee chair this past year. His other interests include Speech and Debate, DECA, Robotics, and striving to be Barney Stinson from How I Met Your Mother. He is extremely excited for this year’s conference and hopes that he can live up to his promise of a “Hubba Bubba” year.

akif ahmed, Undersecretary

Aman is a junior at Westview High School in Portland, Oregon.

Akif’s a junior at Westview High School, and this is going to be his third year doing MUN. After being a delegate and an ambassador, he hopes to make the 2017 conference the best one yet. Outside of MUN,  he loves hanging out with his friends, playing board games and sports he’s no good at, and he also caught senioritis 2 years early.

claire devine, Undersecretary

Anthony is a senior at Westview High School in Portland, Oregon. 

Claire is a Junior at Jesuit High School and this will be her third year participating in Model United Nations. Along with MUN, Claire is also involved with programs through the World Affairs Council of Oregon and KINO Border Initiative. When she is not immersing herself in foreign policy, Claire enjoys exploring Portland with her sister and reading about philosophy.

anna garrison, Undersecretary

Chloe is a senior at Corvallis High School in Corvallis, Oregon. 

Anna Garrison is a Junior at Lakeridge High School; she has been participating in MUN for two years now. Her favorite part of MUN is motioning for caucuses and discussing resolutions to world issues. Outside of MUN Anna enjoys: DECA, snowboarding, wake surfing, playing basketball, long walks on the beach, and getting food with friends. She aspires to be a doctor like Meredith Grey from “Grey’s Anatomy”. Most importantly she is ready to have an amazing 2017 MUN conference!


Johnson is a junior at Sunset High School in Portland, Oregon. 

Rohan Varma is a senior at Sunset High School and this will be his fourth year in MUN. Rohan was a delegate on the Global Security committee for two years and has served as a committee chair. His favorite parts of MUN are being able to wear his flag tie and using the gavel. Outside of MUN Rohan’s hobbies include distance running, eating instant noodles, and being unable to find pictures of himself where he’s looking at the camera. He is excited to end his MUN experience with another solid conference.

sebastian marin, UNDERSECRETARY

Julliana is a senior at Lake Oswego High School in Lake Oswego, Oregon. 

Seba Marin-Quiros is a sophomore at Lakeridge High School and this is his second year doing MUN. Last year, he represented Argentina in the Environmental committee, and was awarded a speaking award. Besides MUN, Seba is involved with Speech and Debate, DECA, Robotics, and a few others. He also enjoys endlessly rewatching "The Office" and "Parks and Rec", playing soccer, and hanging out with his friends. As an undersecretary, Seba hopes the fulfill his promise of making 2017's MUN "legendary".