Meet your Secretariat

Claire Devine, Secretary-General

MUN Day 3-11.jpg

Claire Devine is a senior at Jesuit High School and is embarking on her fourth year of MUN.
After serving as a delegate in Health and Human Services, an ambassador in General Assembly
2, co-leader of Jesuit MUN, and Undersecretary, she now has the privilege of serving as
Secretary General. This past year, she has had the honor of attending the UN Youth Assembly in
New York followed by participating in the 2017 National High School Model United Nations
Conference, both of which have inspired her to improve the already impressive Oregon
conference. In her free time, she enjoys learning about the United Nations, going on long runs,
and exploring alternatives to free-market capitalism.

Jude Augustine, Vice-President

 Neeta is a senior at Lake Oswego High School in Lake Oswego, Oregon.

Jude Augustine is a senior at Jesuit High School looking forward to giving back to this incredible
conference by serving on the Secretariat. He spent three years as a delegate at the conference,
two of them in Global Economics, and the third on the brand-new International Court of Justice,
where he was granted the title “Best Consensus Builder”. With a passion for collaboration and
debate, Jude has worked as a co-leader of the Model United Nations club at Jesuit High School,
and even take those same attributes to the TiE Young Entrepreneurs program. Outside of his
undying devotion to Model United Nations, Jude runs cross country and track for Jesuit. If you
can’t find him deeply engaged in the study of world events, he’s probably out on a run

Sebastian “Seba” Marin-Quiros, Vice-President

 Zach is a senior at Lakeridge High School in Lake Oswego, Oregon. 

Seba Marin-Quiros is a junior at Lakeridge High School and is ready to spend his third year of
MUN greater than ever before. He spent his first year of MUN in the Environment committee,
where he won a consensus builder speaker award. That year, he was elected Undersecretary of
the 2017 conference, and will now be serving as 2018 Vice President. During his free time, Seba
is an active member of his school’s Speech and Debate team and DECA chapter, and enjoys
playing soccer with his friends and hanging out with his family. Seba is very excited for this
year’s conference, and is willing to do everything possible to fulfill his promises of making
MUN “legendary” and “the best journey we’ll ever go on.”

Archita Harathi, Undersecretary

 Aman is a junior at Westview High School in Portland, Oregon.

Archita Harathi is a senior at Jesuit High School and will have participated in MUN for three
years. Throughout her MUN journey, she has served as a delegate in the Human Rights
committee and the Health and Human Services committee, where she won the consensus builder
award. Archita also partakes in her school’s Mock Trial team and has won the MVP award at the
regional competition. During her junior year at Jesuit, she took part in the Ignatian Teach In for
Social Justice in which she advocated for immigration reform in Washington D.C.. Not only
does Archita believe in creating peace and justice, but she also happens to be the treasurer of her
school’s National Honor Society, the cofounder of her school’s acapella club, a SEWA
volunteer, a soccer player, a classical Indian dancer, and a singer.

Maya Bedge, Undersecretary

 Anthony is a senior at Westview High School in Portland, Oregon. 

Maya Bedge is a junior at Westview High School and this is her third year in MUN. After
serving as a delegate for the Netherlands in the Human Rights committee, and later as a delegate
for Botswana in the Environment committee, she is ecstatic to serve the Oregon MUN
community as an Undersecretary. In addition to MUN, Maya is an active member of her school’s
speech and debate team, and also serves on the City of Beaverton’s Mayor’s Youth Advisory
Board. Moreover, her passion for service and promoting youth civic engagement is exemplified
through her leadership on a local Portland nonprofit serving underprivileged youth across the
world. If you don’t find her working hard to prepare for this year’s MUN conference, you’ll see
her performing on her harp, driving around in her black Prius, or going on long hikes with

Harrison Schreiber, Undersecretary

 Chloe is a senior at Corvallis High School in Corvallis, Oregon. 

Harrison Schreiber is a senior at Crescent Valley High School and is participating in his third
year with Oregon Model United Nations. He has served as a delegate in the Economics
committee for the past two years and is very excited to serve the conference as an
undersecretary! He is the president of his school’s MUN team. He also participates in the
Corvallis School District’s Conservation Task Force, whose mission is to implement and
promote conservation curriculum in K-12 education. In his free time, Harrison watches many
many movies and enjoys listening to jazz.


 Johnson is a junior at Sunset High School in Portland, Oregon. 

Chuck Lu is a junior at Lake Oswego High School and is thrilled to be participating in MUN for
his third year. In the past, he has served as a delegate in both the Global Security and Global
Economy committees. Empowered by the wonderful experience of being a delegate, he is
delighted to effect even greater opportunities for future MUN delegates. In the rare occasion he
can tear himself away from the engaging studies of MUN, Chuck enjoys playing basketball,
debating, or competing in robotics, Science Bowl, piano, and debate. You can also catch him
listening to Kendrick Lamar’s DAMN and watching Silicon Valley .


 Julliana is a senior at Lake Oswego High School in Lake Oswego, Oregon. 

Justin Bao is a senior at Westview High School and is going into his third year in MUN. In his
first two years of MUN, he served as a delegate for France in Global Security and a committee
chair for the International Court of Justice, both of which were extraordinary experiences that
motivate him to fulfill his promise of a MUNumental conference. Outside of MUN, he
participates in NHS, speech, robotics, tennis, and various other activities in order to learn more
about the world and develop as a person, acting as a leader of Westview’s Math Club and
Science Club. Justin loves travelling, playing sports, making new friends, and taking aimless
walks around town.